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Recent Recipes

  • Zucchini Boats

    I first tried this recipe with zucchinis that were about 2-3 inches thick, from my friend's garden, and...

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  • Squash Spaghetti

    If you like butternut squash at all then you should love this recipe. The ground turkey gives the...

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  • Bell Peppers

    This recipe is a great stand-alone meal to add a little spice to your life. For those looking...

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  • Roasted Shrimp

    This shrimp appetizer is a great starter or second part of every meal. Goes exceptionally well with the cocktail sauce recipe...

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From the Blog

  • Why Your Paleo Diet is Making You Fat

    In our first few months practicing Paleo, my girlfriend and I faced different emotions about doing it. In general, we definitely felt better, and the biggest real impact was the "food feeling" that processed food brings that we no longer experienced. It was great not having insul... Read More »

  • The Best Paleo Blogs – Custom Search Engine Edition

    There are lots of Paleo recipes out there. If you search for Paleo recipes on Google, there are almost seven million relevant results. Of course, not all of these recipes are good, nor are many of them worth our time reading at all. When you search Google for different Paleo conc... Read More »

  • Blogs Every Paleo Beginner Should Read

    Paleo bloggers are a diverse set – whether it’s the Paleo recipes, the inquisition of health from the more scientific among us, or the simple stream-of-consciousness Paleo-lifers, there is something for everyone. But that everyone is not always the beginner, the first, the pe... Read More »