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Paleo bloggers are a diverse set – whether it’s the Paleo recipes, the inquisition of health from the more scientific among us, or the simple stream-of-consciousness Paleo-lifers, there is something for everyone. But that everyone is not always the beginner, the first, the person without focus.

This is why this post – the entry where we talk about Paleo but don’t talk about Paleo but talk about Paleo – exists, because although so much of Paleo is in its eating constraints, the recipes we construct and the feeling we get from it, the small details of its successful application and enjoyment come with much more difficulty than many simple Paleo blogs may lead you to believe.

Paleo isn’t “eat like a caveman” – it’s much more than that. Paleo is prepping occasionally difficult meals, Paleo is getting the correct minerals, Paleo is need for variation, Paleo is proper exercise, Paleo is the motivation reminders, Paleo is something we do even when we’re not just Googling “Paleo cocktail sauce”.

It’s a total package, and that’s where this entry comes from – those struggles, not only the application of whether or not Jamba Juice is edible under what we consider “Paleo” (hint: it’s not).

Hopefully, these blogs can help you find your way towards Paleo as a lifestyle – and not just a way of eating. Surely, the latter will inevitably leave you fat.

1. PaleOMG

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Juli is God’s gift to those who mutter phrases such as this: “Paleo is so boring – I couldn’t eat plain chicken all the time.” Her recipes are defyingly delicious and for all intents and purposes, Paleo food porn.

Beautiful photos bring to life recipes you didn’t think were possible when you initially read about Paleo, but – when you browse her site – you suddenly know, simply is.

And she leaps the boundaries of that perceived Paleo boredom, not surprisingly, with her writing as well – she’s hilarious, creative, and has no boundaries, making her blog about exciting Paleo recipes, first, but her entertaining and health-focused life, second. And it’s the second piece that makes the first even better, because you not only get the entertaining recipes, you get the entertaining writing – which, you’ll soon realize, was a big reason she recently inked a book deal.

2. Tim Ferris

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Tim Ferris is the author of the Four Hour Body and the recent Four Hour Chef, and at first glance, you might think his personal blog has nothing to do with Paleo. And you’d be right. But as I said at the prelude to this list, Paleo is so much more than the food you eat – it’s the lifestyle that comes with it, the lifestyle that you have to live in order to make it possible – especially as a beginner.

Tim is the master of body manipulation – he recommends a variation diet know as “Slow Carb”, which isn’t Paleo, but doesn’t stray astronomically far from its core tenents. But more importantly, Tim is worth reading because he hacks life, in a way that informs a Paleo-friendly approach. His book Four Hour Chef allows the hesitant cook to cook easily – trust me, I was that guy – and his philosophy behind the Four Hour Body and Four Hour Workweek lend application and speed towards being able to make beautiful meals, improve skills in the kitchen, and just get better at things in life, faster.

Paleo, for those that fail at it, is an eating art made for people with, seemingly, bounds of time and a lack of culinary creativity. Tim informs speed in learning, talent in the kitchen, and health and fun in life – all things that help inform a better, more healthy Paleo lifestyle that can be accomplished long-term. You will count many Paleo lovers also as readers of Tim’s blog – and that’s no coincidence.

3. CrossFit’s Facebook

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CrossFit has nothing to do with Paleo as an eating practice, but as an exercise practice, it might as well be the official sponsor of Paleo – and a big proponent of its growth as a form of eating. Pretty much any CrossFit gym you fall into will promote eating Paleo as a method of accelerating results, and it’s no mistake – the combination of explosive, cross-functional CrossFit movements and a healthy, natural food approach are a wickedly-effective method of seeing health and fitness improvements.

For those who do Paleo and simply don’t see body composition change that they want, or need, from the “diet”, it often times has much to do with the continued lack of exercise. Definitely, nutrition is such a huge part of weight loss, but an exercise accelerant can do wonders for not only getting Paleo to work, but getting Paleo to stick.

Crossfit’s main site lists their workouts constantly, but I recommend “liking” them on Facebook. They post things almost daily, from motivational stories, impressive photos, to the workouts themselves – the ideal hybrid that undoubtedly will make you move to say “hmm – maybe I should try that!”, instead of just randomly thinking about it when your friends remark on it or you read it on a blog. The CrossFit community – and their love for Paleo – along with the good exercise (duh!) – is an awesome combination for any new entry.

4. LeanGains

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.29.56 PM

Martin Berkhan is that wicked smart dude that I’m afraid to even have this read this blog post – he’s a workout genius with a distaste for bullshit, which you’ll will quickly discover on his blog.

He’s a big reason for the intermittent fasting craze, which I’ve experimented with, had success with, and hope to do extensively at some point on this blog for ancedotal evidence – and in general, is also someone who speaks positively to Paleo, although isn’t “pushing it” on anyone at all. Instead, the mindset he carries on his blog, and in his writing, will inspire you – no more dicking around in the gym, breaking New Years resolutions (switching to Paleo?), fearing “cheat days”, or thinking that lifting weight as a woman will make you bulky or “gross”.

And, not to mention, the process behind the intermittent fasting concept is pretty conducive to a Paleo lifestyle, too – especially if you enjoy carb-feeds from time to time and overall enjoy your sanity. In general, I would enjoy taking Martin’s content for a spin if you’re really serious about looking good and feeling better in your day to day, as his thought process is one I believe every person that cares about their health should adopt.

5. Mark’s Daily Apple

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.30.58 PM

Mark’s blog, and books, changed the game for me. I’ve read a decent number of Paleo blogs, now, and although Mark’s eating prescription is “primal”, most tenents are extremely tight-fitted with the Paleo ideal. But he also makes it accessible – there are other books out there that are notably difficult to read, but his entry into eating healthy, “The Primal Blueprint“, makes it easy – it reads fast and is simple to understand – without sacrificing its ability to convince you of its effectiveness.

I love his writing, too – it’s “fed” to you on a beautiful design that makes it a pleasure to come back to, and in general, he always has something relevant and insightful to say around the world of health. It’s not that hard to listen to someone who’s 57 and still looks youthful and vibrant – clearly, the philosophies he subscribes to have carried him to a long and healthy life.

For those who are new to the world of Paleo, I often recommend checking out his “primal” blog – because I know the reader will come away smarter, without feeling intimidated by the science and rational thought he still uses to persuade us. Plus, he’s a big proponent of Paleo!

Blogs for Paleo Beginners – Not Paleo Blogs

The only blog among these that may be considered “100% Paleo” is Juli’s PaleOMG – and even she is not slow to admit that she frequently diverges from the eating practice to enjoy a treat here and there.

But all of these can and will be found talking about Paleo – and in general, I am confident they all add to the totality that is the “package” required not just to read Paleo recipes on a page, but to be able to do it successfully as a lifestyle – as least as it entails making it a habit long term.

In addition, do you have any other blogs recommended for Paleo beginners that I missed? I’d love to hear them in the comments!.

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  • HotFlashBang

    I’ve been following Paleo for about a month now… I found Robb Wolf’s site helpful

  • Aimee

    Great list guys! My fave is definitely Mark’s Daily Apple as a reference point for just about any topic relating to paleo/primal.
    There are just so many blogs out there now!